Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Whats happenin'

We did divisions this week which was fun and rainy! Its been raining so much im afraid that the river is going to flood...hah not really.
This whole week we were really nervous about cambios so we kept sending President text messages telling him to let us stay together and so we had to put a goal to help 8 souls get baptized. And we are going to complete it because we are staying together again :D so happy! President also told us we are his favorite daughters hahah...... not sure if its true because he probably says it to all of the sister missionaries (just like my mom says it to all of her daughters).
This week Esteban got baptized!!! He is the coolest :) His family sells horchata and atole in the centro and its so delicious! Thats how we found him because i always want to drink horchata. He really is like one of mine and hna mendoza's best amigos. We always are laughing so much and just have fun. He also is amazing and shares the gospel with all of his friends and wants his little brother to go on a mission because he wont be able to. He already knows so much about the church it amazes me!
This week my companion and I have laughed sooooo much. We have so many little inside jokes that i cry almost everday from laughter. its the best. So glad i get to stay with her!!!!!!!! :)
I love you all!
-Hermana Gunnell
-hna Monroy :) She is the most kind.

-in the jungle (look at my silly baby bangs...why?)



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