Monday, April 27, 2015

Lets go back.

This week the heat has just been horrible. You should all be grateful the weather is nice over there. This week was my last week in Gutierrez Zamora. :( after 6 months im going back to Papantla to another ward although i will be in the same stake. (They should probably just give me a stake calling because ive been in this stake for almost a year now haha).
This week Orlando got baptized. He really likes The Doors. me too! Doesnt he look like Jim?? Its been a rough road but in the end we were all really happy :) Cant you see it in his expressions.? (he just never smiles).
i love you all!
-hermana gunnell

-so happy :)

-ward members

Monday, April 20, 2015


Let me just tell you all that im sooooooooooooooo sunburnt right now :(
Why does el sol hate me so much?? Why?
This week we got to do divisions and i was with Hermana Villalon. She is so cool! She just started and only has almost 2 months. It was funny because it made me remember when i first started. Then she was asking me a lot how i felt now that i was almost done and what are my plans and all.. it was weird because i feel like i still have a lot of time left. But ya ni modo. She is really great. Funny story. The next morning i woke up eary at 6 because so many mosquitos were eating me and then i was sitting at the table reading and i looked at the window and some creepy old man was staring at me and it scared me so bad i had a heart attack!! And he just kept starting and said hello and then left. haha :}
There are sooo many frogs here i love them! The tiniest ones i have ever seen! I just wonder how tiny would be their little hearts i would have to use a microscope to see it. :) Then i think what?? How could God create something so tiny? He is really good at His job. What a blessing!

Sorry this email is random.......I dont really feel like writing anything good. accept it.

I Love you all so mucho!
-Hermana Gunnell

-eating flat frogs from the street

-there are frogs even smaller than this but i cant catch them fast enough.

-weird fruit we ate

-i hate mosquitos....taking away my sleep. (a little before the old man gave me a heart attack)

-Hna Villalon

-Im in love with the playa (beach)!!! 

Monday, April 13, 2015

Hot Hot Hot

its so Hot here i feel like im melting everyday! Before the mision I never knew i could sweat so much it could drip off my face...sick. Also when we walk outside in the night the air smells like really humid clothes that have been sitting there a few days.. yuck. There have been lots of dead huge frogs in the streets that have been flattened and baked by cars and the sun. Delicious if i need a little snack;) hahah jk.
i had a really good email to write to you all but it will have to wait until next week because no hay tiempo. :( Lo siento.
Sorry im not doing good about emailing. but i love all of you so much and i love the people of Mexico!!!
-Hermana Gunnell 
-sweaty hot 

-went with the young women to do visits

-walking in the jungle 

-jungle river

Monday, April 6, 2015

lets go.

No time to write sorry.
Did you guys know that i still love nacho libre??? its true.
look at this bike and these cool shirts we made :)
We went on a cool forever long walk in the wilderness today!
i love you all!!
-Hermana gunnell