Monday, April 20, 2015


Let me just tell you all that im sooooooooooooooo sunburnt right now :(
Why does el sol hate me so much?? Why?
This week we got to do divisions and i was with Hermana Villalon. She is so cool! She just started and only has almost 2 months. It was funny because it made me remember when i first started. Then she was asking me a lot how i felt now that i was almost done and what are my plans and all.. it was weird because i feel like i still have a lot of time left. But ya ni modo. She is really great. Funny story. The next morning i woke up eary at 6 because so many mosquitos were eating me and then i was sitting at the table reading and i looked at the window and some creepy old man was staring at me and it scared me so bad i had a heart attack!! And he just kept starting and said hello and then left. haha :}
There are sooo many frogs here i love them! The tiniest ones i have ever seen! I just wonder how tiny would be their little hearts i would have to use a microscope to see it. :) Then i think what?? How could God create something so tiny? He is really good at His job. What a blessing!

Sorry this email is random.......I dont really feel like writing anything good. accept it.

I Love you all so mucho!
-Hermana Gunnell

-eating flat frogs from the street

-there are frogs even smaller than this but i cant catch them fast enough.

-weird fruit we ate

-i hate mosquitos....taking away my sleep. (a little before the old man gave me a heart attack)

-Hna Villalon

-Im in love with the playa (beach)!!! 

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