Tuesday, May 26, 2015


This week went by so fast! I love having lots of conferences :)
 We got to have a big sleepover in the bus friday at 2 in the moring on our way to xalapa it was fun only that my seat was right infront of the bathroom and an elder was throwing up the whole time :P sick. We got to the stake center around 7 and just talked until Elder Christensen and Elder Piper came. It was a really short conference only about 2 or 3 hours and we basically just got to ask questions and they answered them but it was interesting and we all learned so much! After they gave us pizza and everyone took lots of pictures :) We had to stay at the bus station for hours and i was so tired..slept so good that night.
Things are going really well as alway :)
I love you all!
-hna gunnell

We went to a art museum last week so fun :)

i look like i have no legs tehe.

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