Tuesday, May 12, 2015


I really dont have much to say this week and i didnt take very many pictures..sorry.
I want to share some of the street names of where we live. almost all of them are in totonaco (old dialect they speak here) Istacu, means star. Püxnuqihui, mutucuntu, Isnapapa, cuyuxquihui. o_0 whut? I dont even know what they mean or how to pronounce them, but its cool im learning another launguage haha.
My companion is a really hard worker which i like so we get a lot done in the week and we have a lot of sucess. :)
The best part of the week was talking to my beautiful family!!!!
I love them all so much! so blessed :)
maybe this week something exciting will happen?
I love you all!
-hermana gunnell

p.s. next week i will be writing on tuesday.

-some paintings

 -my compa dying of the heat... me too.

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