Monday, May 4, 2015


Its been a weird week in my new area Xanath. I really miss Zamora and my compa and all my friends there. :(
My companion is Hermana Morales. She is 23 but looks like a tiny girl and just is like an innocent little girl so sweet and believes any thing any one says. :) We have been working really hard and starting out the change good. hoping to have lots of success. My area is full of hill and millions of stairs im probably going to pass out one day from so much exercise haha. Our house is in the ghetto and we have to climb 155 stair to get to a main street :/ blah.
There are lots of cool paintings close to our house which i like:)
So excited for mothers day!! :D
-Hermana gunnell

-Hna Morales :)


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