Monday, June 15, 2015


This week has been so sweaty.... its the worst. Literally like 5 minutes being out side and everything is dripping with sweat...ew. We always carry this little towels so we can dry our face and neck off and yesterday morning while passing for investigators the towel ended up being so wet it my companion was ringing it out :P but at least we are getting all of the toxins out haha. My new companion is Hermana Perez. She is 21 from Mexico D.F. She is a really hard worker and we get along really great :)
Nothing really exciting happened this week. i got a super cool infection or something in my insides... but i got meds and all is good:) Yesterday in church in the last class the ward sec. came up to me and my comp and asked ¿who is the hermana Trisha? whut....? i was so confused. haha. Turns out the bishop wants to help me get used to my name again so in my assignment to give a talk on the paper so offically says hermana Trisha.... haha thank you obispo :)
love you all!

hermana gunnell
my last zone :)

hna perez from guatamala

the hermanas

enchula tu taxi hahah

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