Friday, June 5, 2015

Exciting things that happened this week:

Exciting things that happened this week:
-my companion got bit by a dog (nothing too terrible)
-we were walking under light cables and a huge truck came behind us and hit them and they all started sparking and my companion screaming and pushing me into all of the bushes. I was so confused. O_o (nothing happened to us we are fine)
-We had a "baptism" of the Hna Paty. She got baptized a really long time ago and her but her papers got lots and are not in the church so she got to start over again! i really love her so much! this week she told me "Hermana esta bien Grandote!" That im really huge and i didnt know if i should have said thank you or what?? hahah. And then we took fotos and i realized that i really im huge next to her hehe.
well thats basically it :)
I love you all!
-hna gunnell

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