Monday, June 8, 2015

Sylvester Stallone

¿Pues ya que? Voy a quedar me aquí en Papantla para vivir la vida latina.
I had a generous offer this week from a borachito named "Sylvester Stallone" It was love at first sight. He has lots of cars, a jacuzi, lots of land, and a helicopter. whut? He told me to marry him a billion times. He also didnt believe that i am american. He insisted that i am from France and wanted me to speak in french. nope sorry. Then he started talking about the virgin and i was getting annoyed and wanted to leave and he started being dramatic saying that i was mad because he is feo and negro.. ay este señor. Well the thing is i told him i would think about it ;)<3 Another old man told me this week that ive got a "cara de pocos amigos" (a face with few friends) thanks.... its the truth haha.

I really love fast and testimony meeting here in Mexico it always surprises me alot because everyone wants to share their testimony! I love it! As soon as they open up to the members half of them stand up and go sit up on the stage in a large line. Yesterday i counted how many got up and it was around 60. Little kids, teenagers, everyone. and they all are pure testimonies. without stories or anything like that. And even though they all are testifying of the same thing its something so powerful :) Why isnt it the same in the states...all of the awkward pauses. haha. I really love life here!
This week started my last change in the mission :,( I will be staying in the same area but with a new companion, hermana perez. Hoping and praying that everything will go well :)
I love you all!!
-hermana gunnell

sorry i didnt take any pictures this week so heres the sun :)

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