Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Brushing teeth.

We got to see some cool Police car chasing action yesterday :] i was only a little frightened haha.
I wanted to share what the bishop in the ward here talked about yesterday because i liked it a lot:) He gave the example of brushing our teeth. How when we dont brush our teeth everyday it makes us feel uncomfortable ( unless you dont ever brush your teeth then its just normal haha) but it makes us feel uncomfortable and even more when we have to talk to some close to us. He related it to how when we dont pray or read the scriptures everyday we should feel uncomfortable. When we dont go to church one sunday or dont fast or pay tithings we should feel uncomfortable. Its a habbit we should have and should enjoy doing it. He said that when we dont do these things and we feel normal its because our spirit it weak and dying. (Strongly said but true.) I really like this example because i believe its true. We all should have the habbit to do these simple and importante things because when we dont our spirit begins so weaken and we lose precious things like our desire to do them, our testimony, and our Faith. One of my favorite things to do is visit less or inactive members. Although some times it does make me feel very sad for them. I love it because even though they have stopped doing these things they can start doing them again. They can start praying and reading and slowly they gain their testimony back. They more fully understand the importance of these simply things and their spirit is stronger.
I know that we are busy and stressed and some times we forget to do these small and simple things, but i hope we havent forgotten the importance they have in our lives. I hope that we are all striving daily to pray and read the scriptures. Making our best effort to obey these commandments and that we are not making excusses. I know that if we make time and obey the Lord will bless us in so many ways physically and spiritully. We should all have the habbit to do these things, and if not... you should probably feel uncomfortable.
I love you all!
-hermana gunnell

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