Monday, July 13, 2015


Everyday goes by so quickly it makes me a little sad :/
This week lots of people told us their life stories. Some of them happy things and a lot of sad horrible things that made me realize that my life has been so simple and sweet compared to some of the trails that they have had in their lives. I always knew that the world was currupt but i guess i didnt realize how much until i came on a mission. Truly opened my eyes to the trails people have in their families, school, work and home life. And even though there is so much evil in the world i know there is a lot more good because God is greater than all of it and i have seen and heard of so many miracles that happen everyday if we are looking for them.
There is this burro (donkey) that we always see carrying so much stuff and his owner is so mean to him so we went and gave him some love one day.. he has the sadddest eyes :( I wish i could take him home with me and make him happy!
i love la vida latina and i never want to leave it!!!!
love you all:)
-hna Gunnell

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